France Booklets
Cat. # Pic Description Cat Val Sell Price
1495a Booklet of 20
1496b Booklet of 10
1496 Booklet of 20
1568 Booklet of 20
1570 a Booklet of 5
1570b Booklet of 10
1570 Booklet of 20
1571 Booklet of 20
1572a Booklet of 5
1572b Booklet of 10
1572 Booklet of 20
1663 booklet of 10
1663 Booklet of 20
1664 booklet of 10
1664 Booklet of 20
1665 Booklet of 5
1665 Booklet of 10
1665 Booklet of 20
1666 Booklet of 5
1666 Booklet of 10
1666 Booklet of 20
1756 Booklet of 5
1756 Booklet of 10
1756 Booklet of 20
1797 Booklet of 10
1798 Booklet of 10
1881 Booklet of 5
1881 Booklet of 10
1881 Booklet of 20
1884a Booklet of 10
2326a Stamp Day
2347b booklet pane
2347a Booklet of 10
2348b Pane of 10
2409a Stamp Day
2467a Stamp Day
2510a Booklet
2568a Stamp Day
2580Gh Letter booklet
2604a Marianne booklet
2629a France 98
2631a Stamp Day booklet
2654-9 The Letter pane
2659A The Letter booklet
2691b Euro bklt
2693a Ceres
2699A Valentines
2707b Stamp Day
2753a Hearts
2765a Tintin
2803b Gaston Lagaffe
2829a Vacations
2835Ab Marianne booklet
2846a Greetings
2879b Boule & Bill
2901a Vacations
2920a Holiday Greetings
2935b Lucky Luke
2984a Sower booklet
2995a Its A Boy
2996a Its A Girl
3004a Mickey Minnie Donald
3025a Europa-Vacations
3063a Holiday Greetings
3083a Marianne (10) booklet
3083b Marianne (10) booklet
3083c Marianne (20) booklet
3095a Comic Strip
3119a Vacation
3131a Its a Boy
3132a Its a Girl
3154a Marianne booklet
3166a Holiday Greetings
3189a Charactors booklet
3266a Best Wishes booklet
3305a Harry Potter booklet
3356a Sourires booklet
3370a Cheffer Marianne bklt
3382a Best Wishes S.A. bklt
3389a Marianne S.A. bklt
3403a Paintings
3421a Cartoon Charactors booklet
3439b Its a Boy booklet
3440b Its a Girl booklet
3471-8 Self Adv.
3471c Marianne S.A. bklt (12)
3474a Marianne red bklt
3478a Marianne blue bklt
3521-32 Marianne S.A. (12)
B282A Red Cross
B291A Red Cross
B301A Red Cross complete bklt
B309A Red Cross
B318A Red Cross
B327A Red Cross
B337A Red Cross
B347A Red Cross
B356A Red Cross
B365A Red Cross
B374A Red Cross
B385A Red Cross
B392A Red Cross
B402A Red Cross
B409A Red Cross
B421A Red Cross
B423A Red Cross
B443A Red Cross
B452A Red Cross
B461A Red Cross
B471A Red Cross
B481A Red Cross
B496A Red Cross
B503A Red Cross
B512A Red Cross
B521A Red Cross
B531A Red Cross
B540A Red Cross
B549A Red Cross
B558A Red Cross
B566B Red Cross
B572A Famous People
B574A Red Cross
B579A Famous People
B582A Stamp Day
B583A Red Cross
B589A Famous people
B591A Stamp Day
B592A Red Cross
B598A Explorers
B600a Postal Coach
B601A Red Cross
B607A Leaders of Revolution
B609A Stamp Day
B610A Red Cross
B613A Stamp Day
B614A Red Cross
B620A Famous People
B633A Famous Poets
B635A Stamp Day
B638b Red Cross
B641a Stamp Day
B647a Composers
B648a Red Cross
B654a Famous Writers
B655b Red Cross
B661a Famous Personalities
B662b Red Cross
B663b Red Cross
B669a Santos de Provence
B675a Detective Novels
B676b Red Cross
B682a Adventure Heros
B683b Red Cross
B689a Artist Blkt
B690a Red Cross
B690b Red Cross
B697b Red Cross
B703a Adventurers
B704a Red Cross
B705a Christmas
B706b Red Cross
B707a Red Cross
B708a Red Cross
B710a Red Cross
B712a Red Cross
B714a Red Cross
B716a Red Cross
3389a Marianne S.A. bklt
3370a Cheffer Marianne bklt
3403a Paintings
3421a Cartoon Charactors booklet
3439b Its a Boy booklet
3440b Its a Girl booklet
3478a Marianne blue bklt
3474a Marianne red bklt
3471a Marianne S.A. bklt of 20
3471c Marianne S.A. bklt (12)
3521-32 Marianne S.A. (12)