Canada Various - Private Aviation Stamps - PPV
Cat. # Pic Description Cat Val Sell Price
CLP1 (25¢) red and black1500.00Sold Out
CLP2 25¢ red and black550.00Sold Out
CLP3 $1.00 red and blue275.00Sold Out
CLP4 $1.00 black and white400.00Sold Out
CLP5 ($1.00) black on red paper375.00Sold Out
CLP6 25¢ green and yellow50000.00Sold Out
CLP7 ($1.00) red and black2000.00Sold Out
CL1 (25¢) light green2000.00Sold Out
CL2 (25¢) green shades160.00Sold Out
CL3 (25¢) red135.00Sold Out
CL4 (25¢) red200.00Sold Out
CL5 25¢ blue175.00Sold Out
CL6 (25¢) red on yellow background60.00Sold Out
CL7 (25¢) red on yellow100.00Sold Out
CL8 (25¢) red on yellow45.00Sold Out
CL9 (25¢) blue on yellow30.00Sold Out
CL10 (25¢) red80.00Sold Out
CL11 (25¢) deep blue40.00Sold Out
CL12 (25¢) ultramarine45.00Sold Out
CL13 (25¢) green and red on yellow paper65.00Sold Out
CL14 10¢ overprint in red140.00Sold Out
CL15 5¢ overprint in black225.00Sold Out
CL16 (10¢) overprint in black700.00Sold Out
CL17 10¢ overprint large `RED LAKE`700.00Sold Out
CL18 (50¢) black and red on blue paper200.00Sold Out
CL19 15¢ overprint350.00Sold Out
CL20 5¢ overprint in black750.00Sold Out
CL21 (50¢) overprint large `RED LAKE`750.00Sold Out
CL22 10¢ overprint ascending in black1250.00Sold Out
CL23 (50¢) green and red on yellow paper650.00Sold Out
CL24 10¢ overprint120.00Sold Out
CL25 60.00Sold Out
CL26 120.00Sold Out
CL27 10¢375.00Sold Out
CL28 10¢130.00Sold Out
CL29 10¢200.00Sold Out
CL30 (50¢)85.00Sold Out
CL40 (10¢) black with pink background7.00Sold Out
CL41 (10¢) black with orange background15.00Sold Out
CL42 (25¢) blue45.00Sold Out
CL43 (10¢) green and red on yellow paper40.00Sold Out
CL44 (5¢) ultrasarine10.00Sold Out
CL45 (25¢) blue65.00Sold Out
CL46 (10¢) red on black10.00Sold Out
CL47 (10¢) black100.00Sold Out
CL48 (10¢) black15.00Sold Out
CL49 (10¢) purple18.50Sold Out
CL50 (10¢) orange17.50Sold Out
CL51 (10¢) orange and blue30.00Sold Out
CL52 10¢ with 10¢ surcharge25.00Sold Out