Canada Sheets - Press Regular and Signed
Cat. # Pic Description Cat Val Sell Price
Unitrade UnitradeSold Out
1591-94iv Birds175.00Sold Out
1591-94iv Birds - Signed500.00Sold Out
1605z Historic Land Vehicles V50.00Sold Out
1630aiv Year of the Ox225.00Sold Out
1631-34i Birds II100.00Sold Out
1631-34i Birds II - Signed200.00Sold Out
1708ai Year of the Tiger85.00Sold Out
1710-13i Birds III100.00Sold Out
1710-13i Birds III - Signed200.00Sold Out
1736-37i RCMP 125th Anniversary75.00Sold Out
1768ii Year of the Rabbit75.00Sold Out
1770-73i Birds IV100.00Sold Out
1770-73i Birds IV - Signed150.00Sold Out
1812ii Millenium Dove - Signed130.00Sold Out
1837ii Year of the Dragon65.00Sold Out
1839-42i Birds V100.00Sold Out
1839-42i Birds V - Signed150.00Sold Out
1884ii Year of the Snake60.00Sold Out
1886-89i Birds VI100.00Sold Out
1886-89i Birds VI - Signed150.00Sold Out
1934ii Year of the Horse75.00Sold Out
1970ii Year of the Ram75.00Sold Out
2016ii Year of the Monkey75.00Sold Out
2084ii Year of the Rooster75.00Sold Out
2141ii Year of the Dog75.00Sold Out
2158-59i Canadian Forces Snowbirds250.00Sold Out
2202ii Year of the Pig125.00Sold Out
2215-18i Royal Architectural Institue of Canada - Signed100.00Sold Out
2238i Benificial Insects - Signed60.00Sold Out
2258ii Year of the Rat125.00Sold Out
2271i Yousuf Karsh - Signed75.00Sold Out
2297ii Year of the Ox75.00Sold Out
2323ci International Year of Astronomy45.00Sold Out