Hello collector, we are buying Complete Canada collection,
Accumulation, covers, blocks, full sheet, Classic, etc….
We also looking for Canadian varieties, error, odities, etc….
We will buy your France, USA, Belgium, monaco, FSAT,
Vatican, Hungaria, Russia collection or accumulation, ETC……
We also purchase face value lot, thematic collection etc……
Send us the detail of what you want to sell and we are your
We will trade all your duplication, face lot accumulation etc….
By trading you will get more for your stamps and
complete your collection or have a bigger inventory stock
if you are a dealer.
Contact me Patrick Chalifoux, I will be one of your best Buyer or trader
I am a Life CSDA dealer and President for the Stamp Club of Phila Laval.
PHONE : 1-450-223-0082 or Click to email me
- or -
email at

La Timbrathèque Enr.
BOX 84
Ste-Julie, Qc
Canada, J3E 1X5